Resolution Goals Updates

Hello, everyone! I’m back! And I won’t lie, I’m really glad I took last week off. I really needed that time to work on homework now that I’m taking a couple more courses– even though I already graduated– and to give myself a little time to look over the past few months and look at the rest of my year. At the beginning of the year, I created a list of projects that I wanted to work on and get done craft-wise, which I called my Resolutions List. Since we have gotten halfway through the year, I thought I should go back and look at what I have finished, as well as looking at what I want to work on, and what I would like to change on my list.

On my list, I have three projects that are taking a lot longer than what I originally planned. These three things are: the Gilmore Girls CAL, the Friends CAL, and two shrugs. Now, I don’t want to completely get rid of these items on my list… but I also do not know if I can actually complete them all by the end of the year. Due to this fact, I am looking at how far I have gotten on each of these items, and taking that into consideration for how I am going to edit the goals on my list. Another thing that I didn’t really anticipate when I wrote this list was the amount of projects I would find later on that I wanted to work on. For example, the perler beads that I have been working on lately and the kit for Disney Princesses that Shmuzzy gave me for my birthday.

Right now, what I am planning on doing for these things on my resolution list is this:

  1. For the Gilmore Girls CAL—of the fifteen squares I want on my blanket—I have finished three squares (just a refresher, I have finished the Luke’s square, the Swan, and the Apple). I want to finish at least three more within this year. The three that I would like to finish are: the Love Rocket, the Car, and the Original Banner. This doesn’t seem like much, but I think that the banners and the Luke’s square are the largest pieces and it will feel like I have gotten quite a bit of the blanket done once I have gotten that far. This would also put me at being just over halfway (I think… area-wise) on the blanket, and at a point where I could start putting the pieces together.
  2. As for the Friends CAL, I think there is a possibility that I will just have to be okay with how far I have gotten with it so far… because I am not sure if I will end up finishing the squares the way I originally planned, or if I will scrap them and start over.
  3. As for the shrugs? I would like to finish one shrug and get halfway on another this year. I think that would be a good compromise to finishing them.
  4. The items I didn’t anticipate doing this year, but am adding to my list include:
    1. Finishing Captain Picard. He was supposed to be a gift and I feel SO BAD that he isn’t done yet! Hopefully he’ll get to his recipient before her next birthday!
    2. Make at least one Disney Princess, one Star Wars character, and one Winnie the Pooh character. Those kits need to get used!
    3. Finish all the perler beads Sir Shmuzzy had on his list. I am so close to finishing them already, so I figure I might as well put them on this list!