Clay Questions

Hello, everyone! Recently, I have been talking about some of the things that I have sort of wanted to do since I started learning how to crochet. (Trust me, if you want so many ideas that you cannot possibly do them all, consider joining a Facebook group that features your favorite craft. Sooo many options!) One of these items that I have seen people use a lot is hooks that have been wrapped in clay to make them more ergonomic. There are many creators who sell their hooks online, but this is another item that I thought I would like to try doing myself.

As I started gathering the supplies to do this project, I was also thinking of making my own yarn bowl out of clay (this was before I had the opportunity to paint my own), so I had purchased a large block of air-dry clay. However, I couldn’t find much information about using this kind of clay for projects like the ones I had in mind. Because of that fact, I started compiling a list of questions I had in regards to this project. Hopefully in the next few weeks, I will be able to get myself some answers for these questions when I make my air dry clay hooks.

  1. How does air-dry clay compare to oven-dry clay for hooks?
  2. Can you color/ dye air-dry clay? (Because most air-dry clay only comes in white.)
  3. Will the air-dry clay hook crumble over time?
  4. Does air-dry clay feel dusty(?) when it dries?
  5. Will air-dry clay leave any kind of residue on my yarn?
  6. How do the clay hooks compare to the adjustable ergonomic handle that I have?

I made a set of oven-dried clay hooks a couple weeks ago. So far, I have not used them much because the one I have tried felt like I might have accidentally done the clay too close to the hook. (Granted, I did not take them on vacation with me.) BUT, make sure you keep an eye out for an update about my questions on the air-dry clay, and a more in depth view of how the oven-dried clay hooks are working out for me. These will be coming up in the next few weeks or so once I have had a chance to use those specific hooks a bit more!

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