Perler Beads

One thing that I have enjoyed doing since I was a kid is creating things out of perler beads. (If you don’t recognize the name “perler beads”, you might recognize them as “melty beads”.) Children often use perler beads to make colorful shapes (hearts, stars, circles, etc) and use an iron to melt the beads together. A few years ago, I rediscovered the glory of these meltable beads, and realized how much you can actually do with them! One of the things that I made was a large Repunzel for one of my friends’ birthday, which I finally found the pictures for—look at her and how pretty she is!


I also had started a Mary Poppins, but did not end up finishing her, due to the fact that her umbrella had some stability issues. Then I took some of my perler beads off to college with me. That semester, I made a Chip (from Beauty and the Beast) and some other designs. And when I met Sir Shmuzzy (my boyfriend), I made him a set of things that are Star Wars related, later on I even made him some South Park characters.



Now I am breaking out my perler beads to make some other things for Sir Shmuzzy. If you follow me on Facebook, you might have seen the pictures of what was done to the first perler beads that I made for him (if you don’t know, he recently framed them to make them look fancy, a picture of them now is on my Facebook Page). Doing this gave him an idea for something that he would like for his future office/gaming room, so he asked if I could make a bunch of his favorite NES characters out of perler beads. All of the characters he wanted are the 8-bit versions, with specific poses. Here was his list:

  • From Super Mario Bros 3:
    • Small Mario
    • Bowser
    • Fire Mario
    • Peach
    • Super Luigi
    • Super Mario
    • Tunuki Mario
    • Raccoon Mario
    • Frog Mario
    • Hammer Mario
  • From Duck Hunt:
    • Dog
    • Duck
  • From Bubble Bobble
    • Bub

    • Bob
  • Others:
    • Kirby
    • Link
    • Scrooge McDuck
    • Seamus (in suit)
    • Little Mac
    • Excite Bike Guy (doing a wheelie)
    • Yoshi

I have a lot of work ahead of me on this project, and I have all the patterns figured out, but this week I am travelling with family, so I am hoping to start them next week or the week after!

2 thoughts on “Perler Beads

    • You definitely should! I have heard the term Hama beads before, just was not fully sure if they were the same thing, so thank you for letting me know! Pinterest is a great place to find patterns, and some cross stitching patterns work well also!

      Happy crafting!


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